Shoulder Hand Behind Back Mobility

This technique is to help restore shoulder mobility for hand behind back movements. The hand behind back movement is comprised of three movements, shoulder extension, shoulder adduction and shoulder internal rotation. These movements are often limited after shoulder surgery and injury due to pain, stiffness and guarding. This is a simple technique using a towel or stick to help stretch the shoulder in those ranges to improve shoulder hand behind back flexibility.


Restore Shoulder Mobility for Hand Behind Back Movements [Click To Tweet]
Simple Technique using Towel or Stick to Help Stretch the Shoulder [Click To Tweet]
A Movement Comprised of Three Movements, Shoulder Extension, Adduction and Internal Rotation. [Click To Tweet]

  • Fajar Harpha

    Thank you for the techniques, Manu. I’ve seen your videos and then practice. Simple and feel comfortable after a try.

  • That looks like a great way to help my shoulders. I love that you just need a towel.

  • This is actually quite useful for me as somehow i seem to have done damage to my shoulders. Thanks for the simple technique I will surely be trying it out tonight before bed.

  • This is great! I was at the doctor today due to shoulder and neck pain and have to start doing little exercises. I will try this too looks like it may help!

  • My mom had shoulder surgery a few years ago and does this in physical therapy. It’s really helpful.

  • Sharon Phillips

    Loved the video. I had rotator cuff surgery in 2005. I had to do similar exercises. Sometimes it seems to stiffen up on me. I will try this. Maybe it will help. Thanks for sharing.

  • OUCH! Well that one will have to be worked on day by day, inch by inch. Not that much mobility in the left shoulder. I had arthroscopic surgery done in 1994. Can something like that go bad or come back? That would be awful. Yes, I will definitely have to work on this one for sure.

    • You can always lose the range if you don’t work on it or use it.

  • You always have great tips. Would it be possible to give some suggestions on what’s safe during pregnancy?

  • This is a great video tutorial for anyone recovering from shoulder surgery. I have heard it can be a painful process to go through.

  • thanks for sharing this great tutorial! 🙂 I haven’t had any issues with shoulder injuries, but lately we’ve been having some back problems.

  • I have some mobility issues and this looks like it would help a lot with some of the tightness in my muscles and increase my ability to be more mobile. Thanks for sharing such a great technique.

  • Rosey

    It looks easy enough to try. That hand to back movement is a doozey too, when you’re hurting.

  • Another helpful routine I learned in improving mobility. This can really take away the shoulder and back pains and stiffness.

  • I don’t have any issues with this part of my body but I never would have thought of this! Looks easy enough!

  • Thanks for sharing. I like how easy to do this, and we can do this with a towel – convenient!

  • My mom is currently recovering from an arm injury, and she has a hard time reaching to her back when she needs to. Will show this to her.

  • This looks like a fantastic way to help with shoulder pain! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great tips. I have a back pain so for sure i’ll try this soon!

  • This is a really simple exercise! I might start doing this after I have a bath.

  • I wish I had saw this when I dislocated my shoulder. I never did get my range of motion back but now I see there is something I can do.

  • I really appreciate you and your blog! I try adding new techniques for areas you cover that I need help with. Thank you

  • OH this video is launched at the right time My shoulder has been giving me some issues, do you think this would work for the pain as well?

  • Debbie Denny

    This looks easy. I will have to remember this one.

  • Manu, For people with shoulder pain this is the proper way to move. The video kept my focus and I was confident you know your topic. thank you for sharing.

  • This looks like an exercise I need to stretch out my back muscles as I have been doing way too much cardio lately and I have been having back pains.

  • This looks like a great shoulder stretch, I actually tried it out tonight and help out significantly with a tight spot.

  • Easy exercise to do! This is a great shoulder stretch. I’m going to try it at my desk — my shoulders are always getting so tense by the end of the day.

  • I love exercises like this that only uses items you can already find in your house. This one will definitely benefit me too.

  • Looks simple enough

  • len

    great video, thanks for the techniques manu! I’m going to try it!

  • This is very helpful, but do you have any idea how to cure collosis?

  • Thanks for the video. I’m going to share this with my husband.

  • Sam

    This is a great exercise for back aches. The spine is very sensitive, we need to learn how to take care of it, as well as our muscles within the area

  • Thanks for the tips. I’m def going to check this out. I can use more flex in my arms and back.

  • Your videos are incredible! Even though I haven’t had any injuries or surgery I find them so useful and good to know. You must have a lot of happy patients. I’ll be sure to refer anyone with surgery or pain to your page.

  • Thanks for this I am in a wheelchair and need range of motion excerises

  • Now this is a nice simple exercise which I can immediately see is very useful for daily life. We all get stiffness in the shoulder area, and this can really loosen things up. Thanks.

  • Thanks for sharing this! Will definitely come in handy for me!

  • I’ve tried this during my Yoga lessons, and doing this often will really help with mobility!

  • Thanks for this! I’m having pains in my back and shoulders. I hope this will help.

  • Great product for those with shoulder problem.

  • I’m going to be sharing this on my page, Positivity in Pain! Thanks for sharing the great tips!

  • What a fantastic video! You have really made it so much easier for people to understand – such a simple technique too… am sure it will help a lot of people!

  • I’m glad I could reach greater on behind my back. I love the idea that I am still flexible. But this is a good self help physical therapy! 😀

  • nicol

    nice technique. this wont help me much as i am flexible myself but maybe in the future

  • Khushboo

    I am going to share it with my mom. She definitely need this exercise as she has a frozen shoulder

  • This exercise can really soothe back spasm. It would reduce stiffness and increase mobility.

  • This is helpful for those who’d really want to stretch out some muscles to improve flexibility for back over the shoulder movement. How often do you think it should be done?

  • Shoulder mobility, I never thought this is essential. I never exercise with this technique shown in the video. Now I know I will apply this to make my shoulder flexible as it should function for that.

  • I regularly do this routine while taking a bath. ha,ha,ha.. Kidding aside , I grew up doing this exercise.

  • Eliz Frank

    This is just what I need after hours on the computer. I’ll be giving this try when I login off soon.

  • What an awesome technique to help your body work better! 🙂

  • Great post. It’s amazing what simple exercise routines could do to the body.

  • I’m currently experiencing some pain and numbing on my shoulders and back. This looks like a good exercise.

  • I should give my husband a link to this site. He has back and shoulder pain a lot.

  • Thought I’d let you know that I clicked on the tweet button at the end of your Post & it says “Sorry that page doesn’t exist”! Also, I was wondering I need to lose some weight really bad so the pain won’t be so much. I have severe bursitis in both hips & Spinal Stenosis & I need to figure out what kind of exercise I can do without hurting. Any suggestions? I’m really tired of all this pain 🙁 Can you help me PLEASE!!!

  • I heard you on Pat Flynn’s SPI podcast today and, as an OT, I wanted to see how you do what you do. You offer helpful and relevant information here and your course looks great! I even found some exercises for myself – I had extensive shoulder surgery last May (2014) and still have not fully regained all my strength and ROM. Thanks for this great site and for spreading the message of good health! Jeanne

  • I have a shoulder injury from years ago, so this is totally up my alley. Anything that can help is a good thing! Thanks for sharing! – Jerusha,