Knee pain, injury and treatment – recover faster and heal your joint

Knee pain, injury and treatment – recover faster and heal your jointAs a load bearing joints our knees take a lot of wear and tear throughout our lifetimes.  Knee injuries are an all too common occurrence.

Whether it is a sports related injury or general wear and tear secondary to obesity or one’s occupation – getting the problem addressed early and following some basic guidelines can speed the recovery and prevent future problems.

Tips for knee pain, weakness, clicking popping, giving out

1. Go see your MD and Physical Therapist to get a basic evaluation done to make sure it is not a serious issue or the pain is not being referred from another body part (eg. Lumbar Spine, hip, etc.)

2.  Avoid weight bearing activities – remember it is a load bearing joint – don’t aggravate it further by putting more weight on it – yes that means limiting walking and standing and avoiding squatting, kneeling, running, yard work and even cleaning the house.  No you can’t do your step aerobics class.

3.  Use a cane or crutches to support your body weight and relieve load off the knee.

4.  Use heat or warm water soak+epsom salt+baking soda to improve circulation and control pain.

5. Can start doing some very gentle strengthening and mobility exercises in NON-WEIGHT BEARING (means laying down and not in standing).  No pushing or pressing.  No gym routine unless you have been cleared by your Physical Therapist.

For more information on recovering from knee injuries follow the guidelines in our Build Better Knees Recovery Kit.


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I see too many people make their knee injuries worst by performing aggressive exercises or walking/standing and loading the joint too much or too soon.  Follow these simple guidelines and use common sense.  Remember it takes time to heal.  Your body will do the job, if you give it the right environment and guidance to heal.  Most minor issues usually resolve on their own.  However if something persists, don’t waste time.  Get in and see your medical professional ASAP.

*This information is for education purposes only.  Please consult your Physician, Physical Therapist or Wellness Practitioner before starting any rehabilitation, wellness or fitness program.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • Miriam

    Hi Manu,

    Thank you for these tips and for the videos. I have had some swelling and some pain right above the knee cap and it cracks or pops. This happened from taking too many ballet type exercices (squats) and martial arts type of aerobics in one week. The pain and swelling have been going on for one week now, I have been to the MD and doing the RICE thing everyday and taking ibuprofen but went back twice to gym this week and used the following: stationary bike for 15 minutes (level 3), the abductor and adductor machine (focusing on using my glutes to push), the leg curl machine and the hydroworx pool with underwater treadmill (2 miles /hr) and some water exerices for 30minutes . I still have some swelling and some pain but am able to walk, how long till I can go back to my aerobics classes and are the exercises above worth doing now or am I sabotaging my knee further? The right knee is starting to hurt too because I am putting more wait on it . I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    • Those exercises are OK but ice and ibuprofen in my opinion slows down the healing process. Instead massage and heat (as long as the heat or excessive swelling is gone). Sounds like a quadriceps tendon strain. Depending on how long you have had the problem, it could be tendinosis too. Though sounds like your are getting better. I will send you a detailed email response.