Knee pain exercises and neck pain exercises

Hi guys, this video was shot for a friend who injured her knee and wanted to know a simple exercise to bend the knee.  She had injured her MCL (medial collateral ligament) and was in a brace for couple of months, which caused her to lose range of motion.

She wasn’t able to bend her knee and wanted knee exercises for bending.  She was also starting to have neck pain because she was walking incorrectly with crutches.  It’s quite common to find people having neck or arm pain because they are walking incorrectly with crutches.

For the neck pain treatment, I showed her a simple neck pain exercise to relive pressure on her upper traps and upper back.   It’s a simple acupressure technique to relieve pressure on the upper traps, neck and upper back.  Shoulder circles with pressure on the upper traps held for 1-2 mins.  Also important to improve the flexibility of the upper back or thoracic spine.  Most of us tend to have upper back stiffness from sitting all time.  This quite often leads to increase mobility and problems in the lower part of the neck.  Remember the “hinge that moves too much is the one that breaks down”.   This is true whether in our body or on the door, window, etc.  So improving the flexibility of the upper back will relieve pressure off the neck too.


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Thank you  for watching this video, it has been fun creating this video.  Bye for now.

This video is for educational purposes only. Please consult with you physician or physical therapist before starting any exercise program or trying any of the recommendations mentioned in this video.