Can exercises cure my torn rotator cuff and labrum?

Here are some answers to questions from some of my viewers about their shoulder injuries.

Can exercises cure my torn rotator cuff?

Shoulder strengthening exercises will help to strengthen the rotator cuff.  Conservative rehabilitation depends on the size of the tear and the condition of the other structures in the joint.  Is the labrum intact? Degeneration of the joint? Health of the capsule? If it’s a complete tear, exercises won’t help to heal the tear, but will help strengthen the compensatory muscles. To help the tissue heal faster massage with Ayurvedic Mahanarayan oil to relieve pain, detox and heal the joint, take Kaishore Guggulu as a natural anti-inflammatory, pain and swelling reliever and Ashwagandha to relieve pain and strengthen the muscles and joint.

my labrum has a tear and i have a tear in my rotator cuff as well….can surgery be avoided???

Depends how big the labral tear is and on the size of the rotator cuff tear. Depends on how long you have had this problem, whether your shoulder movement is restricted, how much pain you have and whether you have had Physical Therapy treatment for this. I would get see a good physical therapist and see if you can treat the problem with conservative treatment first. You should know within 8-12 weeks if things are getting better. If no progress, you might have to get surgery.

hi sir i have a 6×7 mm full thickness anterior midportion tendon tear and a nondisplaced posterior labral tear…i know this is a stupid question but is there an alternative besides surgery…thank you

A lot depends on your activity level and age. If you are young and want to stay active and have a full thickness rotator cuff tear with a labral tear you are definitely a good candidate for the surgery. Partly b/c you don’t want do beat up that joint and cause early arthritis of the joint. Having said that, I have seen enough patients who can function even with a complete tear. You can try PT, Acupuncture first. Make sure you see a good orthopedist specializing in shoulders.

Herbal products discussed for faster recovery:

  1. Mahanarayan oil – for massage to improve circulation, relieve pain and inflammation.
  2. Kaishore Guggulu – Ayurvedic anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and helps heal.
  3. Ashwagandha – Ayurvedic herb for pain relief and to improve strength.


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  • Aslam


    I viewed your video clips on youtube and it gave me a positive response. I do have a question in regards to my shoulder and I was hoping for your advice.

    In 2010, I joined a gym and worked out for 6 months. No personal trainer, just learned to train through watching people and taking advice. During this time I was also participating in Thai Boxing which focused on shoulder movement (only for 6months).

    In 2011, I decided to join the gym again. This time round, I found some discomfort in my left shoulder whilst using weights, Again I started lightweights and worked my way up for 3months. My right shoulder had no problems. However, my left arm was very weak and couldn’t keep up.

    Late 2011, I stopped attending the gym and Thai boxing classes.

    Now, to this day without lifting a single weight for almost 6months, my left shoulder clicks everytime I lift my arm and when I push my arm in and out like how you would on a rowing machine. When I lift my arm from standing position upright 90 degrees, with my thumb pointing up, It clicks. Also whilst watching your video doing scaptula excercises, my shoulder clicks as well.

    My physio therapists asked me to do stability excercises however, ive been doing them for about 3 months now and still no effect.

    I was hoping you can advise what to do.

    • Manu Kalia

      Hi Aslam

      A clicking sound in the shoulder with reaching or lifting movements can be due to due to a few reasons.

      1. injury or a positional fault of the acromio-clavicuar joint. A positional fault basically refer to a misalignment of the collar bone to either the sternum or the acromion (bone at the outer end of your shoulder). The joint is only stabilized by ligaments and doesn’t have any muscles crossing it so if the ligaments are injured, have adhesions or just irritated can cause an unstable or painful joint.
      2. If the clicking is deep can also be due to injury to the labrum (creates a bigger surface area for the head of the humerus). Usually this is a deep ache and can be accompanied by clicking too.
      3. Rotator cuff injury or instability of the joint can also result in clicking sounds and pain.

      The strengthening exercises are helpful, however you might also need some hands on work requiring joint mobilization and myofascial release to address imbalances and poor joint alignment issues.

      For the acromio-clavicular joint issues, cross-friction massage is very helpful when combined with mobilization with movement to restore the proper functioning of the joint.

      You will need more testing to determine if this is a labral tear, your PT should do this or have an MRI.

      Meanwhile avoid exercising in position that are at 90 degrees or above. Avoid rowing movement if it causes you more pain. Do scapular stabilization in pain free positions.

      Regular massage of the joint with Mahanarayan oil and Sinew Bone Poultice application is also very effective for healing. Yograj Guggulu formulation and Ashwagandha to strengthen and heal the joint with some cumin+coriander+fennel seed tea to detox and improve metabolism.

      Above all else, avoid the aggravating activities. If it hurts don’t do it.



  • Humayoon Kabeer

    Dear Dr.Manu, I fell and had an injury in my shoulder. The MRI shows that I have Anterosuperior labrum tear and Antero inferior labrum tear. The rest all fine. This happened a month ago and now I am okay with my hand except some restricted movements. Little pain is there sometimes. Ortho surgeons said I need a surgery. But I want to try if it may get healed itself. Is there any chance for me to avoid surgery? Please advise.
    Thanks, Humayoon Kabeer