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Conventional treatments like surgery and medications are expensive, traumatic, and prone to errors. Don’t take those risks. Instead, choose to run and live pain-free by injury-proofing your body in a natural and effective way.

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You Deserve A Better Knee Recovery Option

Did you know that knee pain is the most common injury afflicting runners?

That’s a sad reality made worse due to conventional treatments like invasive surgeries that treat symptoms instead of addressing underlying causes. And to add insult to injury, those treatments can cost thousands of dollars for average care.

I’ve seen that unfortunate scenario play out countless times throughout my 15 year career as a Physical Therapist. That’s why I started my holistic physical therapy practice for athletes—especially runners—10 years ago. And that’s why I had to create this program for you—runners like you deserve a better option.

Why I Had to Create This Program (And Why It Works)

I love running as much as my patients do. I help as many as I can at my practice. But over the years, I felt compelled to do more to help more runners return to the activity they so enjoy. With the encouragement of my patients behind me, I transformed my hands-on knee recovery methodology into this comprehensive program.

Unlike conventional methods that take an isolated and incomplete approach, my program applies a whole-body approach that restores balance to the knee and body. From that stability, my program accelerates the healing process while reinforcing the knee from further injury. The result: a pain-free knee and body capable of improved performance.

I’m proud of the success the program has had on my patients. Here are some of their amazing stories.

Inspiring Comeback Stories (Are You Next?)

Philip registered for the 2013 Alaska Ironman because he was looking for a change. He began training as a way to lose weight, but the more he trained the more we grew to love running. Running became Philip’s way to clear his head and think about what more he wanted out of life.

Unfortunately, Philip developed right knee pain and right plantar fasciitis several months into his training. He tried to push through the pain but eventually had to back off. But instead of dropping out of the Ironman and forsaking his new found love for training, he turned to me to help alleviate his pain and get him going again.

He worked hard on his recovery by diligently following my comprehensive and holistic program. Philip’s hard work paid off—he corrected the imbalances that were causing his pain, thus allowing him to return to training with confidence. He went on to complete the Ironman pain-free, an experience he later told me was life-changing for his physical and mental health and happiness.

Jaime spent the better part of the last decade raising two kids and starting a business. She completely neglected her health during that time, leading her to become overweight, irritable, and plagued with high blood pressure and low energy. On the morning of her 39th birthday, she stood in a mirror and didn’t like what she saw. She vowed to change and decided to complete a half-marathon before her 40th birthday.

The first two months of her training went well, but then the knee pain started. It was a minor ache at first that quickly unbearable. She stopped training and saw her doctor, who told her she had developed patellofermoral—commonly called “runner’s knee.” She was given medications and told to stop running because she wasn’t young anymore.

Undeterred, Jamie tried regular physical therapy. It didn’t help; the pain re-appeared every time she returned to running. Frustrated, she turned to me for help. We applied the full program of natural knee exercises as well as diet and lifestyle changes. We also incorporated yoga and meditation techniques to relax her body and mind, allowing her body to restore its balance. Once the balance was restored, she was able to get back to running without pain.

You can use the same physical therapy strength and mobility exercises, massage and taping techniques, and lifestyle changes to recover from your knee injuries. Don’t let pain stop you from living the life you want, pain-free.

Ignite your own comeback now with the Build Better Knees program

What You’ll Love About this Program

There’s a lot to love about the Build Better Knees program. Time and again, my patients commonly experience and enjoy the following benefits, which I know you will too.

  • The relief of knowing what exactly is going on with your knees by pinpointing imbalances and determining the root cause of your running-related knee pain. And you don’t need to be a medical doctor or professional athlete to enjoy this understanding. My program is designed to help the average runner make sense of the science.
  • Renewed confidence in the health and strength of your knees thanks to tested exercises of modern medicine as well as proven methods of holistic medicine. These help you recover from the four most common and debilitating running-related knee injuries: Patellofemoral Pain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendinosis and Quadriceps Tendinosis.
  • Improved energy and overall wellness of the body and mind as a result of incorporating the holistic rehab elements. The whole-body approach builds a balanced foundation for health and performance that is sustainable for the long term. It also honors your whole being—your background, lifestyle, diet, and environment—which helps you recover faster.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re receiving a superior knee recovery program that costs a small fraction of what you’d pay for conventional treatments like surgery. Plus, with this program, you’re making yourself smart about how to properly manage your knees and body for lifelong health and performance by avoiding temporary “quick fixes.”

What You’ll Learn From this Program

Build Better Knees is a complete program that will guide you through the entire process of diagnosing your imbalances, providing you with specific clinical solutions to treat your injury, and getting you back to running pain-free. It’s a action-packed program filled with tons of great information. Here’s what’s inside:

Essentials on Pain and Inflammation

  • Learn how imbalances in your body’s systems cause pain and injury.
  • Discover the three different types of pain according to Ayurveda.
  • Appreciate why inflammation is important for proper healing.
  • Learn why icing an injury does more harm than good.
  • Understand why anti-inflammatory drugs slow down healing.

Holistic Perspectives on Recovery

  • Figure out what factors affect your post-injury recovery.
  • Identify the external and internal factors that make you susceptible to injury.
  • Understand what causes some people to recover faster than others.
  • Learn what it truly means to have a balanced body.

The Anatomy and Bio-mechanics of Running Injuries

  • Learn the anatomy of the knee joint and its surrounding muscles and tendons.
  • Understand the bio-mechanical and non-mechanical factors that cause running-related knee pain.
  • Discover the simple formula for knee pain and how to use it to fuel your recovery.
  • Know the three key components that make up a strong knee foundation.

Why Runners Get Knee Pain

  • Understand common signs and symptoms of knee injuries, even before they get serious.
  • Learn common causes of repetitive strain injuries and what to do about them.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms that indicate your knee injury is something more serious.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the four common running-related knee injuries.
  • Figure out the pain generators and learn to assess your specific knee injury accurately.

Knee Pain Assessment

  • Learn to use the pain, functional impairment, and irritability scales to assess your running prospects.
  • Use ten mobility, strength and balance tests to figure out your weak areas and imbalances.
  • Read about the correlation among mobility, strength, and balance, and why it matters.
  • Discover where you should focus your knee rehabilitation efforts for maximum benefit.

Treatment Overview

  • Learn specific acupressure and scar tissue massage techniques to reduce pain/swelling and improve circulation.
  • Understand how heat therapy improves circulation and aids in faster recovery, as well as how to use it.
  • Acquire the ancient treatment skill of cupping to heal your knee injury.
  • Master shock absorption, balance and explosive training for improved running performance.
  • Learn the knee taping technique that has brought great knee pain relief to 90% of my patients.

Whole Body Remedies

  • Learn what foods are hard to digest and slow down recovery.
  • Become healthier and stronger by using Ayurvedic guidelines to improve digestion and detox.
  • Discover the ten different herbs and supplements that can help you recover faster and get stronger.
  • Familiarize yourself with one of the most powerful yoga sequences for a rejuvenating body-mind workout.
  • Learn why massage improves muscle-mass and has an overall anti-aging affect on the body.

Running Pain-Free

  • Understand the importance of cultivating the right mindset for getting back to running after your injury.
  • Discover the safest running technique to use after a knee injury, and why.
  • Experience a powerful warm-up chi circulation series to get your blood flowing before running.
  • Learn how to keep your healthy knee recovery going strong after the initial rehabilitation.

The therapeutic knowhow and techniques contained within this program have allowed my patients and me to continue running at a high level. I know they can help you achieve the same.

Which Build Better Knees option is right for you?

What Other Devoted Runners and Experts Are Saying

“I’m an ultra-runner who has been suffering from Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome since last year. I turned to Manu Kalia for help after many trips to different conventional doctors and physical therapists yielded no results. After he checked my biomechanics, flexibility and alignment, Manu gave me a training plan along with stretches and exercises to do daily. Manu also put me on an herb and an oil massage regimen. Since contacting Manu in December 2013 and applying his recovery program, I am now running pain-free. I highly recommend Manu Kalia and his program to anyone with a knee injury and open mind to using natural fitness and holistic medicine solutions.”

— Nancy Cleveland

“I highly recommend Manu Kalia’s program because it is informed by his exceptional Physical Therapy background and novel approach to healing chronic pain as an Ayruvedic practitioner. As a practicing Physical Therapist for the past 14 years, I've found Manu to be current and cutting edge in his delivery of care. His eastern approach with western medicine background allows for new innovation in treating common day-to-day or chronic pain. Manu was instrumental in my own recovery from knee surgery. His rehabilitation advice involving Ayurvedic herbs and oils helped me avoid prolonged use of harsh opioid-based pain medication. I enthusiastically endorse Manu for his skills as Physical Therapist and as an Ayurvedic Practitioner.”

— Selvan Joseph, Neuro Scientist

“Manu Kalia successfully resolved my left knee issue as well as plantar fasciitis in my right foot. His whole-body treatments and knowledge of physical therapy were the only reason I was able to continue training for and complete my first Ironman race. I finished the race without pain in my left knee and my right foot.”

— Philip Canlas

“Manu’s Build Better Knees program is brilliant! It is the ONLY one that combines physical therapy and eastern philosophies, which are necessary to help you recover faster, improve performance, and prevent running related injuries from returning. Manu does a splendid job at providing you with a user friendly guide to healthy knees.”

— Jenny Someillan, Physical Therapist, Ayurvedic Specialist

“Manu is one of a rare breed of health care professionals who are well versed in both eastern and western approaches to healing. He takes a holistic approach to health/healing and treats the body as a whole instead of providing short term solutions to immediate problems. I have been his client for many years now and can attest to effective skills and expertise in healing knee pain. I highly recommend him and his Build Better Knees program.”

— Harish Venugopal

“Manu is a unique trainer who won't stop until he helps you escape your painful injuries. He’s devoted to putting you on a firm path toward a full recovery so that you can resume the activities you love—running, biking, or anything else. Additionally, Manu’s style and skill put you to ease when you feel helpless from restrictive knee pain. I highly recommend Manu and his program to anyone suffering from knee pain, from athletes to first-time runners to warriors like me.”

— Ravikumar Mohandas

“Manu offers a fantastic alternative to western medicine. The physical therapy combined with holistic medicine such as oils and herbs, have helped tremendously with my running related injuries. I can now continue running and cycling pain-free.”

— Andrew Garcia

“For over 20 years, I trained to become as big and strong as possible. A career change led me to law enforcement where I was forced to run to meet physical fitness standards. After the many years of lifting I was definitely not built to be a runner. The impact from running led to knee pain and swelling, which was later diagnosed as medial meniscal tears in both knees. I opted for the surgical route and had both knees done in the same procedure. Arthroscopic surgery revealed articular cartilage damage to both femur surfaces in addition to the meniscal tears. The articular cartilage was cleaned up and the meniscal tears were cut out.

Having worked and trained in athletics for most of my adult life, I knew from a training standpoint what I needed to do for my rehabilitation but I wanted to make a fast recovery and return to work as quickly as possible. I contacted Manu knowing he had extensive knowledge in Eastern Medicine to bolster his Physical Therapy knowledge. Manu provided me with information on herbal remedies, foods to eat, and foods to stay away from. And after long conversations on healing, he convinced me to stay away from my chronic icing. I took all of his advice and, consequently, returned to work five weeks after having both knees scoped. The second day after returning to work I completed and passed a newly implemented physical fitness test.

Manu possesses a unique blend of knowledge combining Eastern and Western methodologies in a holistic approach to provide the best possible care for his patients. I am completely convinced that without seeking Manu’s expertise and knowledge my recovery would have taken much longer and the results would not have been as dramatic.”

— Justin Braun

Ultra Runner

The Ultra Runner bundle is engineered for the most devoted of runners who want nothing but the very best and fullest treatment program for their knees. This bundle is a great option for those runners who crave a no-holds-barred program to build a running routine that enforces healthy knees.


Advanced Runner

The Advanced Runner bundle is tailored for serious runners who live to run and, thus, need deeper level insights into recovery and rehab programs in order to stay healthy and active.


Pure Runner

The Pure Runner bundle is perfect for runners like you who just want the essential information so that they can quickly learn and apply what they need.


The Build Better Knees Options

Build Better Knees comes in three options. Each option is value-packed; simply choose the one that meets your needs. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be on your way to running pain-free and loving it.

Ultra Runner
Kindle Version
iBooks Version
High-fi PDF Version
15 Minute Runners Warmup Routine
Knee Rehab Self Assessment Checklist
36 Part Video Series 36 of 36
Video Training Transcripts
Video Interview with Manu Kalia
30-Day Email Series
Yoga for Runners Program

$1,035 value


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Advanced Runner
Kindle Version
iBooks Version
High-fi PDF Version
15 Minute Runners Warmup Routine
Knee Rehab Self Assessment Checklist
36 Part Video Series 20 of 36
Video Training Transcripts
Video Interview with Manu Kalia
30-Day Email Series
Yoga for Runners Program

$467 value


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Pure Runner
Kindle Version
iBooks Version
High-fi PDF Version
15 Minute Runners Warmup Routine
Knee Rehab Self Assessment Checklist
36 Part Video Series 5 of 36
Video Training Transcripts
Video Interview with Manu Kalia
30-Day Email Series
Yoga for Runners Program

$167 value


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The Run Pain-Free Guarantee

I believe in my Build Better Knees program. If you’re serious about your knee rehabilitation, I’m confident you’ll enjoy great relief from your knee pain by applying the teachings in this program.

If you’re a bit unsure about the program, let me help you out. Try the program for 30 days. If you’re not experiencing a noticeable improvement in your knee pain by then, I’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked. This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it because that ruins it for everyone.

Everyone’s individual results vary, of course. But if you give this program an honest try, I know it’ll help you get back to your love of running. Work hard on your recovery because better days await!

What Does it Cost?

The average medical insurance deductible can cost around $5000.

Let’s face it, spending thousands of dollars in medical bills doesn’t guarantee that you will be treated by a medical professional whose patients actually get better and stay healthy. Someone who will teach you how to avoid injury, and educate you on the real cause of running-related knee injuries.

Fortunately, even the highest level, Ultra Runner costs a fraction of the price. If you’re on an even lower budget, you can get started for as little as $77.

One More Thing

After working 15 years as a physical therapist, I felt there was something missing in the current medical system. I saw a lot of patients repeatedly coming back into the system, unable to conquer their issues with chronic injuries. I observed that the current medical system unfortunately focused more on treating patients’ symptoms and often neglected their underlying problems.

To treat my patients more effectively, I combined exercise science, physical therapy, and Ayurveda practices, which fundamentally transformed my practice. Using a holistic approach helps patients recover faster, stay healthier, and remain injury-free.

I created Build Better Knees to give people a comprehensive solution that they can use to take care of their knee injuries. I see this program working every day in my practice. With dedication, it will work for you.

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