Shoulder Flexibility Get Back Overhead Movement

Shoulder Flexibility Get Back Overhead Movement photo

This video is to help restore shoulder flexibility for overhead range of motion. We are specifically targeting shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction and shoulder external rotation mobility. After an injury or surgery these movements are often restricted due to shoulder joint and soft tissue restrictions.


shoulder-flexibility-internal-rotation-restoration-3This video is to help restore shoulder internal rotation range of motion. Important for reaching with hand behind back, across to opposite shoulder and for athletic activities. This range is often lost after shoulder injury or following shoulder surgery.



An Innovative Approach To Treating Knee Injuries

an-innovative-approach-to-knee-injuries-lisa-bell-manu-kaliaThis is a recent lecture given by me and Lisa Bell (also a Physical Therapist) on “How to recover from knee injury and build stronger healthier knees”  




Low Back Flexibility Exercise Using Tennis Balls

low-back-flexibility-with-tennis-ballHere’s another exercise to improve mid back and lower back flexibility. You can use two tennis balls or lacrosse balls to easily self stretch different parts of the low back.

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Lower Back Flexibility Using Wedge

back-flexibility-using-wedge-imageAnother self mobilization/stretch technique to improve mid back and low back flexibility. The wedge is very specific and can target specific segments of the spine.

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