Lunge Hip Stretches

lunge-hip-stretches-imageMulti-plane hip mobility exercise to prevent low back pain, hip pain and knee injuries. A very effective stretch to improve hip flexibility from various angles.


Massage Treatment For Ankle Sprain

massage-teatment-for-ankle-sprain-imageCross friction massage technique for recovering from ankle sprain. This technique is helpful in breaking down thickening and adhesions of the anterior talo-fibular ligament following a sprained ankle. This injury often becomes chronic thus requires correction of joint mechanics and soft tissue mobilization techniques to restore normal function.



Yoga Modified Pigeon Pose For Hip Flexibility

A modified Yoga Pigeon Pose for hip flexibility. Great exercise to improve hip mobility and help with iliotibial band syndrome, low back pain and for knee injuries. This is a good one to make a regular part of your mobility routine.



Self Mobilization For Restoring Knee Flexibility

self-mobilization-for-restoring-knee-flexibility -videoThis is a self-mobilization with movement technique for restoring knee flexibility.  Very effective for getting bending back in the knee joint.  It’s a partial weight bearing technique for those of you who can bear weight on the joint.  Don’t force it, it’s a relatively pain-free technique.




How To Get Your Knee Bending Again

how-to-get-your-knee-bending-again-2This video shows you how to get your knee bending again.  If you lost knee range of motion due to injury or following surgery, this is a great self mobilization with movement technique to help you restore you knee range of motion.  This is done in a non-weight bearing position for those of you know are not able to bear weight on the knee due to pain.  Enjoy!