Shin Splints Massage Treatment

shin-splints-massageThis is a good self massage technique for shin splints using a lacrosse ball to mobilize the front and outside shin muscles. Can be easily done by yourself and works really well at breaking down thickening and adhesions that often form with overuse and injury. This problem is very common in runners and can often be quite debilitating. Make sure you rule out stress fractures and other issues before doing this mobilization technique.

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Core Strength Pushup Plus

core-strength-pushup-plus-position2Pushup plus position is a great exercise to strengthen core muscles. It’s also very effective for shoulder girdle and arm strengthening. Start off by doing the exercise isometrically and then progressing to movements to make the exercise more challenging.

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Core Strengthening Plank Position

core-strength-for-running2Plank position is often used to strengthen core muscles. However this is performed incorrectly by a lot of people by using hip flexors to compensate for weak abdominals. The correct mechancis for doing this exercise are by practicing this position while activating shoulder girdle muscles, glutes and the lower abdominals.

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Low Back Pain Yoga Upward Facing Dog


Protect your low back when doing Yoga upward facing dog pose. These tips can help you if you suffer from low back pain and arching or extension causes you pain while doing yoga. Often hip joint, hip flexor tightness, upper and mid back stiffness can increase the stress on the low back. Resulting in more compression, pinching and pain. The recommendations in this video will help you protect your spine.

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Pulled Hamstring Treatment

pulled-hamstring-treatment2Hamstring injury can result in thickening and adhesions at the site of injury resulting in poor skin glide and mobility. This is a scar tissue mobilization technique using cross friction massage and pump massage to break up adhesions and sticky spots.

This is a very effective technique that can really help restore proper mobility and tissue health of the hamstring muscle.

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