Low Back Flexibility Exercise Using Tennis Balls

low-back-flexibility-with-tennis-ballHere’s another exercise to improve mid back and lower back flexibility. You can use two tennis balls or lacrosse balls to easily self stretch different parts of the low back.


Lower Back Flexibility Using Wedge

back-flexibility-using-wedge-imageAnother self mobilization/stretch technique to improve mid back and low back flexibility. The wedge is very specific and can target specific segments of the spine.

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Lower Back Stretch Foam Roller

lower-back-stretch-foam-roller-videoThis is a another exercise to improve mid back and low back flexibility. The foam roller is a good tool to mobilize the spine. The exercise can also help you strength the core and glute muscles.



Shin Splints Yoga Stretch

yoga-for-shin-splintsVajra asana or Diamond pose is an excellent yoga pose for shin splints. It can not only help improve the mobility of the muscles but also great for knee and ankle mobility. It’s also a good pose for improving digestion and helps one become more grounded.

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Shin Splints Massage Treatment

shin-splints-massageThis is a good self massage technique for shin splints using a lacrosse ball to mobilize the front and outside shin muscles. Can be easily done by yourself and works really well at breaking down thickening and adhesions that often form with overuse and injury. This problem is very common in runners and can often be quite debilitating. Make sure you rule out stress fractures and other issues before doing this mobilization technique.

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