Hip Arthritis Treatment Self Traction

hip-arthritis-treatment-self-traction-image-2This a self-mobilization technique to help with hip arthritis pain. For those of your suffering from hip pain due to hip arthritis, this hip distraction technique is great for relieving compression on the hip while relieving irritation and pain associated with the degenerative changes to the hip cartilage. Wear and tear on the hip either due to injury, overuse or obesity can lead to hip arthritis.


How To Improve Upper Back And Shoulder Mobility


A lot of people suffer from upper back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain due to poor postures and sitting for long periods.  It’s very important to work on improving upper back or thoracic spine mobility and shoulder mobility to relieve neck and shoulder problems.  This is an easy upper back stretch using an exercise ball and a stable surface like a couch.  Try it out and let me know how it goes.


Knee Arthritis Treatment Self Traction


Knee arthritis is due to degeneration of cartilage and results in pain, inflammation, stiffness and swelling. In the US alone, millions of people get treatment for knee pain due to arthritis. I’m going to show you a good treatment technique for knee arthritis. This is self-distraction technique to relieve the stress on the joint, open up the joint space, improve knee mobility and helps relieve pain.


Hip Flexor Stretching In Half Kneeling

hip-flexor-stretching-in-half-kneeling-imageHip flexor tightness and hip joint stiffness can lead to low back pain, hip pain and knee problems. This is an advanced hip flexor mobility exercise that also stretches the quadriceps and tibialis anterior. Essentially all structures on the front of the leg. I highly recommend this technique for anyone looking to improve hip flexor flexibility for athletic activities and for preventing injuries.


Lunge Hip Stretches

lunge-hip-stretches-imageMulti-plane hip mobility exercise to prevent low back pain, hip pain and knee injuries. A very effective stretch to improve hip flexibility from various angles.