Hip Flexor Stretching In Half Kneeling

hip-flexor-stretching-in-half-kneeling-imageHip flexor tightness and hip joint stiffness can lead to low back pain, hip pain and knee problems. This is an advanced hip flexor mobility exercise that also stretches the quadriceps and tibialis anterior. Essentially all structures on the front of the leg. I highly recommend this technique for anyone looking to improve hip flexor flexibility for athletic activities and for preventing injuries.


Lunge Hip Stretches

lunge-hip-stretches-imageMulti-plane hip mobility exercise to prevent low back pain, hip pain and knee injuries. A very effective stretch to improve hip flexibility from various angles.


Massage Treatment For Ankle Sprain

massage-teatment-for-ankle-sprain-imageCross friction massage technique for recovering from ankle sprain. This technique is helpful in breaking down thickening and adhesions of the anterior talo-fibular ligament following a sprained ankle. This injury often becomes chronic thus requires correction of joint mechanics and soft tissue mobilization techniques to restore normal function.



Yoga Modified Pigeon Pose For Hip Flexibility

A modified Yoga Pigeon Pose for hip flexibility. Great exercise to improve hip mobility and help with iliotibial band syndrome, low back pain and for knee injuries. This is a good one to make a regular part of your mobility routine.



Self Mobilization For Restoring Knee Flexibility

self-mobilization-for-restoring-knee-flexibility -videoThis is a self-mobilization with movement technique for restoring knee flexibility.  Very effective for getting bending back in the knee joint.  It’s a partial weight bearing technique for those of you who can bear weight on the joint.  Don’t force it, it’s a relatively pain-free technique.